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Back again!

And three, two, one ... we're back in the room!

I still have no clue as to how to use my LJ.  What's a tag?  Why when I visit my Friends page do I only see one friend?  Why is Sam's always so amazing? (Okay, no need to answer that last one!)

I don't know if any Chevron One regulars are reading this as I rarely post here, but if on the off chance you are, then you may already be aware that Chevron One is experiencing technical difficulties.  An ever increasing lag earlier in the day has, in the last hour, turned into a full blown hissy fit, resulting in people in Europe, the US and Australia (and oddly Denmark!) unable to access the site due to timeouts.  If however, you're reading this from your Martian Penthouse or Lunar Pad in the Sea of Tranquility, then you can basically ignore this message and browse, post and ogle pictures of Joe Flanigan's bottom to your heart's content. 

We're aware of the problem, and are working on it.  The time-out issue appears to rest with our Server in the US.  There doesn't appear to be any problem with our own database which is good news.  Hopefully we'll be back soon.  Watch this space for updates, and if you're able pass it on to a pal.
Thanks for reading.

That was Quick!

We're back.

Chevron One Down Again

Hi guys,
I've just been alerted to the fact that the site is down.
The server hosting Chevron One  is experiencing some problems.
Hopefully we should be back online soon.
I'll keep you posted...

Ps my email runs from the same server, so I am currently emailess.  *rolling eyes smiley*


Bless me Father.  It's been nine weeks since my last blog - and these are my sins. 
Chevron One is offline!  I haven't been at a computer since Thursday morning and came back online to find a database error instead of a site.  


As far as I can tell we've been offline for almost a day.  Well, the good news is there is a team - an actual team - of people working to rectify the problem.  (yay for those helpful computer geeks.  I swear not to tease any of you again.  So long as you fix my site, you understand. I'm not about to give away all my good will for nothing.) Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.  

I'm writing this entry chiefly as a method of contacting those of you who might stop by here - although with a nine week absence on my part I'm not expecting miracles. If you're a site regular, and you just happen to be reading this, and you also just happen to be able to contact other site regulars via some other means, would you? Spread the word.  We'll be back asap.  Promise.

Happy Friday

I just love Friday.
I used to sepnd Friday running around the house cleaning toilets and vacuuming a week's worth of dog hairs off the carpets in a vain attempt to have things looking nice for the weekend in case we received any unexpected visitors.  (Whatever happend to the telephone and calling ahead?)  Recently I'm more relaxed about things.  It'll get done - eventually.  And if it doesn't get done, well then it doesn't get done.

Right now the sun is blazing.  It's a glorious spring afternoon.  There's mist on the mountains nearby and a lovely haze over the sea.  If I had myself to myself I'd go down to the beach and walk for miles.  I've been living here for about three years now and only recently heard about a bridge and a river that flows into the sea further down the track I walk.  I just have to find that river one of these days!  

As it is, I am making do with a fabulous cup of home made frothy cappucino with some hazlenut syrup.  I've had these little bottles of syrup in the drinks cabinet since Christmas - hazlenut, vanilla, Irish cream and cappuccino.  I hadn't used any until the other night.  (I mean what are you supposed to add cappuccio flavored syrup to anyway?  The cappuccio doesn't exactly need it.)  But John asked for a coffee, then spied the bottles and we decided to experiment. (Little brothers make wonderful guinea pigs.)

In other news, both my sisters are now pregnant.  Louise is due at the end of May.  Claire is due sometime around Christmas.  I can't tell anyone I know who knows Claire as she wants to wait till she visits the country before sharing the news, so I'm writing it here before I implode with all the the restrictions on the gossiping!  It's been very difficult to talk to my mother and have her ask "So have you been talking to your sister recently?  Has she any news?"

In other other news there's a bout of chicken pox going around the family.  My older brother's son spent the day with his cousin and now they both have it.  I casually checked with my husband and it turns out he never had it as a child.  I find that odd and a little unfair.  How come I got everything going and he didn't?  We both come from fairly large families and his brothers had it.  Anyway, long story short is I'm putting my little family under quarantine until the rest of them are pox and scab free!

Well my coffee's gone and my break is over. 
Have a happy mellow Friday!

The male of the species

My brother John dropped in unexpectedly yesterday.  
It's always great to see John.  He's incredibly upbeat and always makes me laugh, but last night he was practically giddy with glee over a truly horrible practical joke he played on a co-worker, Roman.  Apparently poor Roman applied for a new job with a different company.  So John just HAD to call him up on his cell phone pretending to be the manager of the other company in order to conduct an 'informal phone interview' which apparently got stranger by the minute.

Off the block he informed Roman that he could expect his salary to be at least four times higher than his current wage.  Would that be a problem?  As poor Roman was trying to keep it together, John pointedly asked him if he had a girlfriend.
"What? Uh, yes." came Roman's confused response, his mind still obviously on his prospective new wage.  
"So you're not gay then?" asked John, in very serious tones.
"Are you sure?"
"Uh yes."
John went on to detail Roman's new duties which would include making tea and coffee for the managers all day long.  There may also be other responsibilities.  Would Roman be up to the task?  
"Yes of course," spluttered poor Roman, thinking about making tea and coffee all day for four times his current salary.
John went on to detail the other 'responsibilities'.  Neck massages, foot rubs, anything in fact that might be asked of him.
“And you’ve no problem with that?” persisted John.
“Well um …” said Roman, wondering just how far he might be willing to go for his new boss, “I guess not.”
 “And you still say you’re not gay?” said John incredulously, before hanging up.

I was appalled by the joke, but apparently everyone in the office thought it was hilarious. (with the exception of Roman presumably.)  It makes me wonder why men are compelled to pull these sorts of stunts on each other.  It's not the sort of thing one woman would do to another. Sure, they might bitch about so-and-so up and leaving the company.  They might even sneakily apply for the same position (as my old buddy Lisa did when I stupidly told her about a fabulous opening in another company I was thinking of trying out for) but thankfully, these sort of pranks generally aren't our style.

On the up side my son told me today that he loved me for the first time.  Well, to be precise, what he said was "I law ooh!" but hey, I'll take what I can get.
There may be hope for the male of the species yet.

Okay, here we go...

Well thanks to SGAngel, I finally have my LJ account, not only ressurected from the land of forgoten passwords, but up and running.  I even managed to upload a fairly recent picture of me which I found on my hard drive filed under "HorribleNewHair.jpg."  Don't I look smug?  
I'm not really sure what I'm going to use this space for.  I guess I'm just curious as to how LJ works and why people like it so much.

Now if I can only manage to remember my password ...