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Happy Friday

I just love Friday.
I used to sepnd Friday running around the house cleaning toilets and vacuuming a week's worth of dog hairs off the carpets in a vain attempt to have things looking nice for the weekend in case we received any unexpected visitors.  (Whatever happend to the telephone and calling ahead?)  Recently I'm more relaxed about things.  It'll get done - eventually.  And if it doesn't get done, well then it doesn't get done.

Right now the sun is blazing.  It's a glorious spring afternoon.  There's mist on the mountains nearby and a lovely haze over the sea.  If I had myself to myself I'd go down to the beach and walk for miles.  I've been living here for about three years now and only recently heard about a bridge and a river that flows into the sea further down the track I walk.  I just have to find that river one of these days!  

As it is, I am making do with a fabulous cup of home made frothy cappucino with some hazlenut syrup.  I've had these little bottles of syrup in the drinks cabinet since Christmas - hazlenut, vanilla, Irish cream and cappuccino.  I hadn't used any until the other night.  (I mean what are you supposed to add cappuccio flavored syrup to anyway?  The cappuccio doesn't exactly need it.)  But John asked for a coffee, then spied the bottles and we decided to experiment. (Little brothers make wonderful guinea pigs.)

In other news, both my sisters are now pregnant.  Louise is due at the end of May.  Claire is due sometime around Christmas.  I can't tell anyone I know who knows Claire as she wants to wait till she visits the country before sharing the news, so I'm writing it here before I implode with all the the restrictions on the gossiping!  It's been very difficult to talk to my mother and have her ask "So have you been talking to your sister recently?  Has she any news?"

In other other news there's a bout of chicken pox going around the family.  My older brother's son spent the day with his cousin and now they both have it.  I casually checked with my husband and it turns out he never had it as a child.  I find that odd and a little unfair.  How come I got everything going and he didn't?  We both come from fairly large families and his brothers had it.  Anyway, long story short is I'm putting my little family under quarantine until the rest of them are pox and scab free!

Well my coffee's gone and my break is over. 
Have a happy mellow Friday!


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May. 4th, 2007 03:48 pm (UTC)
OMG!!! Claire's pregnant?! XD *squeee* Tell her I say congrats! and that I miss her!!
May. 4th, 2007 09:54 pm (UTC)
Claire is preggers? Please give her my congrats. How many does that make for her? And what about Louise? I bet you are having a hard time keeping these secrets. At least you can tell us! LOL

Good luck with the quarantine.
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